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Order & Shipping Info

Payment: We accept personal, business, or bank checks drawn from any U.S. bank and Money Orders payable in U.S dollars. E-mail or call to check item availability and/or hold items that you are sending payment for. We will mail your order when payment arrives and clears.  We will generally hold items for ten (10) days unless other arrangements are made. If you want to email us your phone number and the best time(s) to reach you, we will be glad to call you to verify your order.

We cannot accept checks drawn from a bank outside the United States.  Please secure an international money order payable in U.S. dollars.  If you wish to send a check from outside the United States, please allow 10-15 days for the check to clear your bank before your order is shipped unless the check is CERTIFIED.  We may waive the waiting period for established accounts.

Also, you can call us at: (207) 935-7922 (8 am to 9 pm Eastern Standard/Daylight Time)

Send mail to:
Mainely Gems
186 Mountain View Road
Fryeburg, ME  04037
Shipping and Receiving: We ship all orders in the United States through the U.S. Postal Service via priority mail, insured.  Add $6.95 shipping and handling per order on rough, cut stones, settings, and other low-weight items, that weigh less than one pound.  Costs for any additional shipping weight will just be increased by the governing U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Rates.

In addition, add the appropriate fee for insurance from the below listed table.
Fee . . . . . . . . Insurance Coverage
$1.35 ................ $0.01 to $50
$2.30 ................ $50.01 to $100
$3.35 ................ $100.01 to $200
$4.40 ................ $200.01 to $300
$5.45 ................ $300.01 to $400
$6.50 ................ $400.01 to $500
Orders over $500 and up to $25,000 in value will be sent registered mail and require an additional amount of postage (approximately $2.50 for each additional $500 in value).  Express Mail is available in the United States on orders under $5,000.  Express mail charges start at $13.65 and are in addition to the regular shipping fees of $6.95.

International Mail: Orders outside the United States will be sent Overseas Express Mail if available in your country. You will be charged the additional actual shipping costs we incur. If postal insurance to your country does not cover value of product(s), shipment will be at your risk. Other Mailing Methods: If you desire other mailing methods, please let us know and we will try to accommodate for the costs we are charged.

We can receive all forms of shipping.

Sales Tax: For State of Maine residents, we have to collect 5.0% sales tax for finished goods or products; does not apply for services provided.  For business to business wholesale and resale, you must provide us with a valid resale license or sales tax certificate to be exempt from state sales tax.

Sorry, NO COD! You will receive an email order confirmation or a phone call from us usually within 24 to 48 hours and when we ship your order; with any adjustments, if needed.

Tracking: We will email you your Tracking Number to you.  You can use the U.S. Postal Service link below to track your package.

Whichever communication method you choose, don't forget to give us your complete mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address. Most of our material is sent satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with it, you can send it back for a refund or credit, less shipping charges. You Must Notify Us via email or phone within three (3) days of receiving your order if you wish to return items. This gives you ample time to inspect the goods or materials and decide whether or not you wish to keep the items.


If we are not notified within the above stated time frame, The Sale Is Final.  Items must be returned in original condition. If you have damaged it you own it.  If you have used it or attempted any lapidary process on it you own it.

Please note: We Do Not accept returns on the following materials:  Mine Run Lots, Mixed Grade Lots, Unsearched Lots, Non-graded Lots, Random Lots, or Discounted or Closeout Materials.

Tools: If the nature of the project is such that certain tools may be completely worn out or used up in the process of completing your project then an additional charge for tools will be added to the cost of the job.

Rush Services: We will perform rush services for you whenever possible. Depending on our workload at the time and other factors an extra charge for rush service may be assessed.

Privacy Notice: We consider any and all information we collect in our ordering process or mail list as confidential, and for our use only in processing orders and for sending newsletters/notices of specials to those who request it. We do not sell, share, or otherwise release names, addresses, or other information to any other person, business, or entity. We have security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to this information, and will protect all information to the best of our ability. All secure forms will be indicated as such. Even with all of these technologies in place, no system is 100% secure, and makes no such claims, either written or implied, and will not be held responsible for information stolen or misused as a result of the use of our Web site.

Warranties and Limitation of Liabilities: Information and documents provided on our Web site are provided "as is" without any warranty. uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this Web site; it does not, however, make any representations as to its accuracy or completeness. Your use of this Web site is at your own risk., its suppliers, and other parties involved in creating and delivering this Web site's contents are not liable for any damages arising from use of this site.

If you have any questions, regarding payment, shipping or receiving, or our business policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Disclaimer: Anyone submitting material for faceting, cabbing, or repair/restoration need to understand that there are no guarantees by Mainley Gems that the results will be successful, or that finished goods from rough material will turn out as you may have envisioned them.  By their nature, lapidary materials, due to imperfections in the crystal structure (e.g., flaws, inclusions, internal stresses or fillers) may be subject to damage during the lapidary processes.

Any material sent for any type of lapidary service will be at the risk of the customer.  Mainely Gems or its employees shall not be held liable for any damages so incurred.  If any damages should occur, the customer will be notified and the material will be returned or new arrangements will be decided upon.  Although damage of this type occasionally happens, some materials are more prone to the above mentioned damage.  We will discuss with you any issues of this nature prior to commencing any work.

Be aware that restorative (re-polish, repair, re-cut) work can never add material to a stone and will always involve removing material. A loss of weight (sometimes significant weight) will occur, and the stone may no longer fit into the setting it came out of.  If these are critical issues, you want to make sure that we are aware of them.  You may want to send the setting along with the stone for us to evaluate the viability of the repair job. Feel free to send an e-mail with any questions you have about restorative work and the lapidary processes.

The natural variability of crystal structures can lead to unexpected results or consequences, and not every stone survives the rigors of the cutting and polishing processes. Nobody can guarantee the behavior of a natural crystal or material. We can only do our skilled best. We do not guarantee the integrity of any stone, and our liability shall be limited to the cost labor in the event of any unexpected problems due to the issues discussed above. After notification of job completion, payment must be received within 30 days or we will consider the stones to be abandoned. After 30 days, we reserve the right to sell the goods for the price of the cutting fees, and there will not be replacement or reimbursement for the rough.

Jewelers, designers, jewelry craftsmen, benchworkers and jewelry industry tradespeople and professionals, please contact us for wholesale price quotes on stones.  You must provide us with a valid resale license or sales tax certificate to buy wholesale.

Contact us to receive your FREE estimate. Give us a description of the service or product required and any other pertinent information, such as approximate size, type and amount of material, type of setting, and how it will be used. Sending a picture in ".jpg" or ".gif" format would be very useful as well.